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The power of our films lies in working closely with people who have experienced health issues or used services themselves, recording them and beautifully animating their stories. 

Working in animation means we can show intimate medical procedures and present complex information more simply. Our films can also represent difficult emotions and feelings in a compassionate way.

Working closely with health and social care professionals ensures that our films are accurate and reflect the procedures and support in place. The result is a compelling, authentic and informative film.

The Caring connection


Parent and Infant Relationships

Cycle of Change

Cycle of Change Still 02 (1)_edited.png

Understanding Menopause

A PK day

PK day still 010.jpg

How do scientist work out the right amount of medicine


Anaemia Still 14.jpg

Prevent, detect and treat anaemia for safer birth

A Weight


Dads Mental Health

A Black Cloud


Experiences of birth trauma PTSD

For Baby's Sake

For Baby's Sake_26.png

Breaking the cycle of domestic abuse

A Little Deep Sleep

deep sleep_sc37.jpg

A family guide to anaesthetics

Physiology of Childbirth


The hormones and mechanics of birth

Dementia carers


PHD Poster: How dementia carers learn to care

Arts and dementia


Graphic exploration: what is it about arts and dementia that makes it so hard to evaluate

Perinatal Positivity

PP_10_helping hand.jpg

Maternal Mental

Health Matters

Movement is Life


Why it is important to move your body

My Mum's got a Dodgy Brain


Young peoples experiences of living with a parent with a mental health issue

Numb and Numb-er


Information for families about Local Anaesthetic

One of a Kind


A child's guide to Radiotherapy

Mother of Many


A celebration of childbirth and midwifery

Cervical Screening


Why it is important to go for your smear test

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