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Prevent, detect and treat anaemia

Purpose: The animation uses results found in The WOMAN Trial - that Tranexamic Acid (TXA) reduces death from bleeding and the need for surgery to control bleeding by about one third when given to women with postpartum haemorrhage within three hours of birth. 

Outcome: An animation, to raise awareness about the link between anaemia and postpartum haemorrhage among a variety of audiences, mainly aimed at health care professionals.

Client: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The WOMAN Trials have a simple aim: to ensure a safe childbirth for all women everywhere. These global trials are producing the evidence needed to stop women dying in childbirth. 


Mara Fradella is an Italian Freelancer, specialised in 2D character animation and design. 

Started freelancing in 2013, she has worked for a variety of studios across the Uk and Europe.  Projects include Tv series, advertising and campaigns for non profit organisations, for Clients such as Netflix, Disney and the United Nations.    

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