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Acacia Dad's Mental Health

Purpose: Having a baby can be a daunting prospect and can often turn out to be a time of great challenge and extreme stress for both mum and dad.  This pressure along with a sense of struggling to navigate the unknown can sometimes become overwhelming. If you are feeling that you’re struggling to cope, you are not alone.  One in 10 new dads struggle with their mental health during this period.

Outcome: The film shares the stories of four dads who have struggled with their mental health during new parenthood experiences, but found help to get through it  from Acacia Family Support.

Client: Acacia offer a range of free services including peer led listening and befriending support to families across Birmingham experiencing pre and postnatal depression/anxiety.  ForMed worked in collaboration with their team.


'It's very rare to find dads that are prepared to talk so openly about the negative side of becoming a father ... the film supports their honesty and courage in such a sensitive way'

Vicki Hook, Business Director of Acacia

Director: Hugh Cowling  is multi-talented - an illustrator, animation director/designer and composer  based in Bristol. He has has worked with organizations including TedEd, the V & A and the BBC.  He has been a in the ForMed team since ForMed began, as the composer to the music for all of our films.

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