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Your guide to cervical screening (the smear test)

Client: Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

Purpose: Awareness of cervical cancer and prevention is especially low amongst women from ethnic communities. Women may have different perceptions and barriers to screening and, where English is a second language, health literacy can create significant health inequalities.

Outcome: A film to encourage women from ethnic communities in the UK to attend smear tests. The film has been translated into nine languages and has over 70,000 online views. Jo’s Cervial Cancer Trust, who commissioned the film, calculated that raising cervical screening coverage to 84% could save the NHS £10 million a year. The film was part of a large-scale awareness campaign.

Feedback: “it was powerful to see real women talking about their real-life experiences. That is what will touch the women they want to reach. The video explains everything a woman needs to know about the test, and what to expect.” (film participant)

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