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A Little Deep Sleep

A Little Deep Sleep

A Little Deep Sleep

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Client: Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and The Grand Appeal Charity.

Collaborators: Dr Judith Nolan and Dr Anthony Bradley.

Purpose: Showing what happens before, during and after an anaesthetic to help ease children’s anxiety before they have an operation.

Outcome: Every child who has an anesthetic at Bristol Royal Infirmary (approx 40 a day) receive the film to watch as part of their preparation. The film helps them understand what will happen to them and address worries. Winner of Arts in Health South West Award (2016).

Feedback: “Patients and Parents have regularly and reliably told us how useful they found the film. It seems to have picked up on their concerns and gives them assurance that their children are in safe hands.” (Dr Anthony Bradley, Consultant Anaesthetist)

"I just watched 'a little deep sleep' twice (!) with my son, who is 6 and is having a little op on Friday. It was hugely helpful to him to watch. He's very anxious about the general anaesthetic and the film really helped answer questions and put him mind at rest." (Parent)

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