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The Physiology of Childbirth

Purpose: To increase knowledge of childbirth physiology, and to demonstrate the importance of understanding the impact of physiology on childbirth.

Outcome: A fact and science based film about the physiology of childbirth, aimed at people involved in maternity (midwifes, doulas, obstetricians) and families.  The film shows the hormones and mechanics of birth, and aims to encourage, inspire and give practical advice.  Thanks to all the families who agreed to let us share their birth sounds.

Feedback:'Such an essential resource for all childbearing women, people and families and those offering support.'

Dr Anna Coonan-Byrom, Senior Midwifery Educator and Director of The Practicing Midwife Journal

Client: The University of Central Lancashire Midwifery and the Royal College of Midwives. 


Clinical team Anna Coonan-Byrom, Sheena Byrom, Prof. Soo Downe, Kay King, Sarah J Buckley, Molly O’Brien, Anastasia Topalidou, Anna Horn. 

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