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A Black Cloud

Purpose: To raise awareness of birth related trauma, and to give people comfort that they are not alone.  Also to raise awareness of the new Reproductive Trauma Service in Lancashire and South Cumbria which helps women find their path to recovery.

Outcome: The film shows that through recognition and compassion, a journey to recovery is possible. It ends encouraging those experiencing reproductive trauma to ask for help.


'Our stories have been heard, listened to and replayed then animated in such a powerful way to reflect these into this film!'

One of the mums interviewed in the film

It is a wonderful resource to enable others to understand their emotional responses, to provide tools and strategies that might help, and to know they are not on their alone.’

Professor Gill Thomson, Professor in Perinatal Health at University of Central Lancashire

'This film is beautifully and sensitively explored , it really echoes what I hear from mums everyday'

Sasha Barber, Mental Health and Bereavement Lead at Bristol NBT NHS

Client: The Reproductive Trauma Service in Lancashire and South Cumbria. ForMed worked closely in collaboration with Tracy Marsden and Lisa McCormick, the Service Manager and the Clinical Lead for the Maternal Mental Health Service.  Funded by Lancashire and South Cumbria Health & Care Partnership.

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