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Updated: Jan 18, 2023

A recent survey found that 46% of women were not prepared for the Perimenopause, and 34% of women did not understand what the perimenopause was. Half of the population will go through this major natural life change which can last up to 15 years.

This year, we are working with menopause experts Diane Danzebrink and Hazel Hayden, to make an animated film and resources for Perimenopause awareness. The film will feature interviews with women aged between 25 and 75, who share their concerns, experiences and advice about the menopause transition, to inform and prepare women for what is to come and how to cope with it. The film will also give ideas of how to give support to family, friends, colleagues and patients through-out the menopause. , it should be ready to share by August 2023

The film will be a free resource, ready for translation, available for use in education, workplaces, for GP’s and doctors.

How can you support the project:

  • Take part in our survey - we want to hear from you, whatever stage of the menopause transition you are at, even if it is yet to begin or has finished entirely! By taking part, you will help us to get an authentic message across. Please take part here.

  • Funding a translation - we have funding for the film, and are looking for further investment to enable translations of the film into a number of languages - get in touch if you or your organisation can help.

  • Join our newsletter - we are going to need help on the journey to making this film, and will be running workshops and interviews at 4 location around the country! Join our newsletter if you are interested to find out more and to get updates as the project progresses.

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