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Menopause Medals!

This year, we are working with menopause experts Diane Danzebrink and Hazel Hayden, to make an animated film and resources for Perimenopause awareness. The film will feature interviews with women aged between 25 and 75, who share their concerns, experiences and advice about the menopause transition, to inform and prepare women for what is to come and how to cope with it.

Thank you so much to the 450 people who have already taken part in our Perimenopause survey. Please continue to share the survey with your networks to help us find out more about peoples experiences of the Menopause Transition.

We are now running a number of workshops in Bristol city centre, on the 3rd and 4th of March. Each workshop will represent a different stage of the transition (before, during or after) and we are seeking participants to contribute to the discussions.

During the workshops we will make a timeline of the menopause transition and of your concerns, experiences and advice, A manifesto for a magnificent menopause, and Medals to celebrate your place and intentions going forwards.

We are also delighted to be able to share and talk about our work at the Bristol Women's Voice International Women's Day event in Bristol City Hall on Saturday 11th March. Come along and say hi!

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