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Films that speak from experience

Our animated films and illustrations help people better understand medical and health issues, make informed health choices and engage in treatment.

The films are based on people’s real lives, telling their story in their own voice.
We can help you connect in a thoughtful and meaningful way with patients, health professionals and those seeking information and support.

"The film and the website are incredibly helpful in giving out an important message in a straightforward but respectful and thoughtful manner. I wish more ‘prevention’ resources were this good!" (GP)


Working together

We'll work collaboratively with you to make authentic, factual and beautiful health education films and illustrations that meet your aims.

Our BAFTA award-winning team have been making films since 2009. With our experience and your expertise we can create work that makes a real difference.

We've worked with the NHS, charities,  academics  and patients from around the world to tell stories that change lives.

We are based in the South West, but travel anywhere in the United Kingdom to collaborate and interview.

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What We Do

Short animated films for social media, websites, apps, training and patient-care.

Illustrations for reports, research, websites, leaflets and posters.

Audio interviews for professionals who want to understand patient experience to improve services, procedures and care.
Exploring medical and health issues through the creative process - for professionals, trainees and service users.
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