Perimenopause Awareness Animation

How can you support the project: 

  • Advocating - help us get the message out there by sharing social posts about our #perimenopausefilm before and after the film is complete.

  • Distributing - the film will be a free resource to share on any website, with short edits to share on social media.  PLEASE USE IT!

  • Funding - by partnering with us now and investing, your organisation will be one of the collaborators, with opportunity to give  feedback on the developing project, and with your logo on the credits.

The problem: A recent survey found that 46% of women were not prepared for the Perimenopause, and 34% of women did not understand what the perimenopause was. Half of the population will go through this major natural life change which can last up to 15 years.

Our mission: We plan to demystify the perimenopause for people approaching it, by creating resources, sharing peoples expectations, lived experiences and advice, so that women, their families, colleagues and health professionals can identify it.

HowThe film will feature interviews with people aged between 25 and 75.  They will share their experiences and advice to inform and prepare women for what is to come.  The film will also give ideas of how to give support to family, friends,  colleagues and patients through-out the menopause.


Working with our clinical team, we will share expert advice about positive steps to improve women's mental and physical wellbeing, along with accurate physiological information.  


We will distribute this free resource along with a wellbeing plan for use in education, workplaces and for GP’s and doctors.

SupportersThe Burdett Trust for Nursing, Menopause Support and Bristol Menopause Clinic are supporting the project so far.


We have 70% of funding and are looking for more - the more investment we find, the more translations  we can produce to share the film more widely.