Helping you get the right information,

to the right people, at the right time

Workshops bring people together with a common goal to explore a medical or health issue.


Participants could be adults, children, patients, healthcare professionals or experts. Our workshops provide people with opportunities to learn new skills and be creative together. They help people bond through the experience of creating artwork, posters or films to get a particular message across. Workshops might provide opportunities for people to explore a difficult experience with peers, for colleagues to think about how they work with each other or to support children to get their voice heard.


Experience workshops


Workshops, print, animation, idea's gathering, interviews


Working with people with a shared illness, mental health issue or condition, to explore a subject and make art around it. These workshops can  last for one day or more.

Health Professional Workshops


Workshops, print, animation, idea's gathering, interviews and team building


Working with health professionals to learn a new skill, to explore ideas around a subject, make simple products to lead to future films. These workshops can last for one day or more.

Children's Workshops


Animation workshops


In these workshops, our facilitator will come to a school or group, to plan and make a story, artwork and a film.  This can take between two days and two weeks.

Commercial workshop films


Animation workshops followed up with our team of professionals.


Our director worked with Aardman and the Tate Galleries, and with the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace to create commercial animated films using childrens story, voice and illustrations.


These projects are made over a period of months.

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