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to the right people, at the right time

Research shows that 43-61% of adults don't have adequate literacy and/or numeracy skills to understand health information.  Animated films fill the gap between written materials and face-to-face support. Compelling stories and audio of real experiences mean that people remember information. We can help you present complex information more simply and can clearly show medical procedures.


Our films are made with a clear audience focus whether that’s informing the general public, explaining procedures to children, or being used by health professionals and academics to think about patient experience.  When your film is made we can support you to build resources and campaigns, ensuring your film is shared and watched by thousands, increasing reach further with translations and subtitles.



Experience films can be made to explore any issue. They can tackle difficult subjects in a moving and compassionate way.


We interview a range of people with lived experience of a particular issue. These interviews provide the base of the film. We also collaborate with health professionals to ensure that our films are accurate and reflect the procedures and support that is in place to help people. This adds up to a powerful, rounded, informative and engaging film.


My Mum's got a Dodgy Brain


2016, 6 min

Produced by ForMed Films CIC


Three children each living with parents experiencing mental ill-health share their stories & offer advice.


Commissioned by Devon Partnership NHS Trust


Process films help people to understand a medical process - to inform, ease worry and answer questions for the patient and their family.


We work in-depth with health professionals, shadowing their work in the hospital,  looking at patient pathways and at what's most useful for people to know about a particular process.


We record the sights and sounds of the hospital and its machines, interviewing patients about their experiences. These recordings are brought together with a scripted narrative to ensure that the film provides accurate information, is realistic and helps patients know what to expect including how they might prepare.


A Little Deep Sleep


2015, 6 min

Produced by ForMed Films CIC


A family guide to anaesthetics. Showing what happens before, during and after an anaesthetic.


Funded by 'The Grand Appeal' for Bristol Children's Hospital.


Winner AHSW First Prize, 2016

One of a Kind


2010, 6 min

Produced by Aardman and ArthurCox.

Directed by Emma Lazenby


A Child's guide to Radiotherapy. Explaining who they'll meet, the machines and noises and the process.


Winner of Excellence in Oncology award, 2010


Explainer films take people through what they need to know about a particular subject. They can explain or explore any topic from what to expect from a routine health check at your GP to complex surgery. We can work with you to write a scripted narrative based on your area of work.

Your Guide to Cervical Screening


2015, 6 min

Produced by ForMed Films & Biggerhouse Films


Encouraging women from black & ethnic minorities to attend the smear test.


Commissioned by Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust


Animated films can show and share anything. They can be stories, ideas or simple playful explorations.



2013, 3 min

Produced and Directed by Emma Lazenby


Join us on a marvellous mission, a querulous quvest, a tale of tails.  Made inside a shadow puppet theatre, written and performed by Eleanor Glover.


For channel 4's Random Acts


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