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to the right people, at the right time

We support people whose voices are rarely heard to talk about their experiences of health and medical issues. These personal stories can have a powerful impact.  Our audio stories provide insight for professionals who want to understand patients to improve services, procedures and care.

Lived experience Interviews


We work with a consenting individual, in an accessible, quiet safe space, to record their experience as an audio interview. Interviews usually last an hour, they are then edited to make an engaging short audio piece. This is shared with the individual for their final consent before being released.


Expert guidance interview


We work with health professionals who give consent to be interviewed. Our sound recordist/interviewer will visit health professionals on location or in a nearby quiet space, to record an interview. Interviews usually last around half an hour and cover professional guidance, advice, knowledge and experiences. These can be useful both for patients and/or training and sharing with other health professionals. Audio is edited and then shared with the professional for their final consent before release.


Gathered experience


We also make podcasts which give insight into a subject from a broader perspective, interviewing a range of people who have experienced an issue.


Gathered experience might be a collection of edited interviews with people who have lived experience of a health condition, or might look at one issue from different points of view e.g. hospital doctor, GP, health visitor, patient, family.

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